nicksislds (nicksislds) wrote in mormonwriters,

To Emily Dickinson's "Because I Could Not Stop For Death"

"Regretting Mortality"
By: Nicole R. Stott

When I did not
want to leave somewhere
I once kicked and screamed -
I did not do this with death.
Instead I shed a silent tear
as I let my hand be led
by immortal bones
for one last look -
at my passed mortality.
I saw old friends laughing
and dining by candle light
living life to the fullest.
I wished I had eaten -
with them just one more time.
I passed through
my cold, empty, longing house
with open windows
blowing my once precious
words in a flurry.
The mess isn't important now.
Nothing of the world is relevant now.
Nothing will come with me -
except my regrets.

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